Soundcheck: Funky Bitch, My Soul, Evolve, The Connection, Crowd Control

SET 1: Strawberry Fields Forever, Crowd Control, Punch You in the Eye > 46 Days > You Enjoy Myself > Tube > Shade, Reba, Cavern

SET 2: Free > Esther > Blaze On > Scents and Subtle Sounds > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Split Open and Melt

ENCORE: Bathtub Gin

Strawberry Fields Forever was performed for the first time since July 22, 2017 (168 shows). Fish quoted Strawberry Fields Forever in the YEM vocal jam and in the jam that followed. Trey teased Also Sprach Zarathustra at the end of Gin.
Also Sprach Zarathustra tease in Bathtub Gin, Strawberry Fields Forever quote in You Enjoy Myself
Debut Years (Average: 1997)

This show was part of the "2022 Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2022-08-02

Review by kyleindeed

kyleindeed Back to the woodshed at Blossom!! Favorite venue, show was pure fire!!!

S1 was what sweet dreams are made of. Energy abounds in the crowd from the jump. 46 Days > YEM early yet w outro jam post vocal jam.. whaaaaaat?!?! Thank you band for getting It. Whole set flowed wild style!

Free opens S2 as a monster jam and probably the best Free ever. No one sleeping on this song now, it has completely arrived. SASS > 2001 > MELT straight other worldly power and thick as sticky thieves. That MELT closer, just wow =D

GIN encore making everyone love this night for what it became. Intense top to bottom. Even Esther had extra sauce on her buns!!

All timer show for me tonight. Thank you band for lighting this place up and reminding why Blossom rocks!!!!!
, attached to 2022-08-02

Review by Pinhead_Larry

Pinhead_Larry I’ve only seen this band at a handful of venues throughout the Midwest and east coast, but Blossom is just a different feeling. Maybe I’m biased because it’s my hometown venue, but there’s something truly enchanting about it. Maybe it’s the fact that Blossom is tucked away deep in the woods that it feels like Phish is playing a secret party that you’re invited to, or maybe it’s the fact that I happened to pop my cherry 11 years and 2 months ago. Whatever it is, I think it’s safe to say that Phish feels something special about Blossom as well, and this show has to be some kind of reflection on how much they love Northeast Ohio.

My dad and girlfriend were both present tonight; their 4th and 11th shows, respectively. My dad, who dragged me to my first, only wanted one song: YEM. Well, this man also happens to be the worlds foremost authority on The Beatles, so an a cappella rendition on Strawberry Fields Forever to open the show felt like a sign that this set was for him. YEM came later on as another sign for that. Whatever it was, the stars were aligned and did not suck tonight!

The second set brought down the house. Free reached multiple peaks before settling to Esther. The second set opener (which felt more like a Free>jam because the song portion ended quite early) would go on to be the longest Free since 1995; quite a feat for the Billy Breathes single! Blaze On jam was starting to feel like another jam like Deer Creek ‘21, but they shoehorned it in for S&SS. I certainly can’t complain because a). I love the song, b). They played the intro, and c). they jammed the fuck out of it! This one is all peak, with Trey at the helm. (There also seemed to be a start/stop section at the beginning of the jam with wooing, but from way out in the lawn it sounded like PA troubles. Some hippie chick behind me kept asking if their CD was skipping lol). 2001 brought us back down to earth (ironic) before a classic SOAMelt closer. I know a common complaint with this jam lately is that they turn it into a noisy/effects jam. As a hardcore My Bloody Valentine fan, I certainly don’t share that complaint. This Melt was actually kind of scary and reminded me of my first Melt at Blossom ‘19. Except back then the lawn was drenched in blood red lights, whereas this time the lights were much more colorful.

They come out for one encore of Bathtub Gin and the rest is history. Like I said, there are otherworldly forces at play in these woods, and they love Phish! Well, alright, Phish probably are just that good by themselves. But still, you just gotta be here to feel the magic and electricity in the air at a Blossom Phish show.

Thank you Phish!
, attached to 2022-08-02

Review by Greasykeys

Greasykeys 65th Phish show tonight. That was smoking all the way through. I’m not even going to dive deep into any serious review. That rocked and y’all know it.

With that said, the tension and jamming in the second set is top notch all leading into that smoking 2001. When the dust settles this show will be near the top. As if everyone didn’t already knows it’s blossom.
, attached to 2022-08-02

Review by MrPalmers1000DollarQ

MrPalmers1000DollarQ Haven't been able to make it to a show on this tour, and life's been crazy enough to prevent a couch tour as well...until last night. The fellas must've known this is the one I'd be watching because GOD DAMN that was a hot show. Right out the gate from the Strawberry Fields Forever opener, I knew I picked a good one.

Set 1 opens with the four dudes huddled around a single mic--always a good omen. SBB and Crowd Control bustouts feel like a perfect way to start a strong summer show. The PYITE follow-up has a nice moment in the intro where Trey and Page perfectly syncopate on a fun groove for a minute, dragging it out like they used to. 46 Days has been one of the bigger hitters of 4.0, and though this version seems to rush a bit faster through Trey's solo section to the peak, a second jam emerges after the final chorus and bleeds into a lofty, airy bliss. As Trey and Fishman lay down some beautiful noodling together, you wonder "where is this going?" On a dime, the boys transition straight to YEM, which sees a classic Trey note, some exceptionally tasty Page, a really great Trey solo, and what seems to be the new norm of short VJ->instrumental jam. The final jam here evolves a little bit between keys and feelings, but Fishman remains strong throughout. From here, the band keeps up the pacing with a great Tube placement. Though a little shorter, this one still hits a sweet spot and every member of the band shines at one point or another. Shade serves as a nice breather before we dive back down for more with Reba, where the composed section struggles but the jam flourishes. As great as Trey sounds on this one, the real medal goes to the rhythmic section on this one, as Mike, Page, and Fishman all carry the groove and energy with awesome phrasing, fills, and board selection. With just enough time for one more tune, I'm expecting a quick SANTOS or something--which I'd be happy to take. Nope. Cavern closer was enough to send the crowd (and myself) into ecstasy.

To quote my post in the r/phish setlist thread: "I'm calling a fat Free." Boy, the Free was fat. Rarely a platform for extended jams, the Phish from VT open Set 2 with the second-longest version EVER at 25 minutes. Like 46 Days, the usual jam slot is on the shorter side and Free proper could've wrapped up at around 6 minutes. Instead, second jam eats like second breakfasts in the Shire and the boys spin this one around the block. Plenty of excellent meat in here from a nice rockin' peak to a funky Express Yourself jam, Mike's sopping wet bass to Fishman's Keith Moon fill style drumming...hear this one. It's spectacular. An amorphous and atmospheric outro serves up Esther on a silver platter (seriously, I love this transition). From here, we get a nice Blaze On that touches on some cool subdued jamming at the tail end. Instead of letting it ride, Trey ripcords into the Scents and Subtle Sounds intro. SaSS gets jammed out big time, too, hitting a phenomenal peak, almost falling apart for a second, but then recovering into a scorching upbeat full-band riff that ascends to another killer peak. One of the best I've heard. Again, a spacey, reverberated outro gives way to the next tune, which in this case is a groovy 2001. Though the space odyssey was shorter than hoped, the Split Open and Melt closer made things worthwhile. This is one of the weirdest jams I've seen these guys rip in a while--almost at a loss for words for how to describe this one other than "anarchic." Everyone is on a mission to drive dissonance and tension--one of those jams that you love but hope no non-Phish fans hear too soon. The transition back into SOaM territory is blazing fucking hot.

How do you encore a show like that? With a rare encore slot Bathtub Gin of course! A sweet upbeat Type I Gin encore takes us home in grand fashion, with plenty of Thank You's from Trey and a nice little Also Sprach tease right at the very end.

Killer show. Listen to Free, SaSS, and SOaM!
, attached to 2022-08-02

Review by Phather

Phather Our crew felt like we won the 1st set lottery. Amazing energy in PYITE all the way through Cavern after a subtle 2-song opener. And that YEM! Vocal jam back into an instrumental jam that was just whoa.

2nd set just kept that old school energy flowing I don’t know how these old boys keep doing it! The Esther was unexpected for me and what a treat! Loved every moment of bliss and then it went deep and dark in that Melt. Damn Gin ta’boot to close?!? Take me home I just got walloped!
, attached to 2022-08-02

Review by gigrant

gigrant after a long hiatus on reviews i am back because i have strong feelings about this show. Blossom was the scene for my first show in '95, so there's that. and 4 people who were at that show were also with me last night. lot's of emotion involved when you consider all that!

after all these years, this show is one of my 2 or 3 favs. i loved the setlist so much. so much!! 1st set crushed me. playful PYITE, nice 46, then YEM!! the Reba was so enjoyable too. the Free set 2 opener was to die for. and then Ester? nobody saw it coming. Scents was also crushed, even with the house sound going out at least twice at the venue. 2001, and then a wild Melt? sign me up. it felt like Trey's guitar was plugged into my brain all night too. his notes were familiar and warm in my head from start to finish. Page was an unsung hero too - his piano fills were like ear candy, and his back-up vox behind Trey were so on point!!

seek out the Free from this night. it rips. Melt was wild and weird, like a robot running out of battery until finally re-charging at the last second. The Tube was too short considering the groove they had going, but that's just my opinion and it weighs the same as yours so feel free to disagree. Scents was beautiful, as was Reba. and somehow this was my first Esther. far from perfect, but i wouldn't trade it for any other tune at that spot on this night.

if you weren't there, then you missed something. the crowd was epic!! so much energy, and also so much kindness. i was at Raleigh on Fri and it was not even close to the same as Blossom. there's something about the venue. the wood? the trees?? i don't know. but it's my home turf and i LOVE it. this show was magical. i hope all of you enjoy it as much as i did.


PS - let's do it again next year!!
, attached to 2022-08-02

Review by eggsalad

eggsalad 1st set was just absolute fire, high energy volcanic eruption madness. The crowd (myself included) was dialed in and feeling it. I was at BD strawberry night and got to my seat just a little after start, missing half of Strawberry Fields so I was happy to be fully present for all of this one. Great call (and thank you). Crowd Control is such a good opener/early song to get us dialed in, and this one fit perfectly in the 2 slot post a cappela. A thumping PYITE really had the crowd humming, with some of the most enthusiastic “Hey’s” I’ve heard. An average-great 46 Days that segued beautifully into a YEM that I thought was played to perfection (from what I recall) with a post vocal jam 2nd jam! Whaaa?! cool! Tube really accomplished a lot in
, attached to 2022-08-02

Review by Thephats

Thephats Phish played to a solid crowd in this epic place. First time to enjoy the music since 98’ of Phish after 7/31/98 and 11/4/98. Look up the 2 shows sets lists. Phenomena grips the less than nothing! Give it a whirling fire in the daze to come ringing; into the light heart in the sands and the heart. The show was seriously flawless and more than I could imagine. Really found grace those summer shows with heat and fire burning bright. The sets, this night were straight timing, and mythical expressions that deliver’s and signed with a date. I’ve know seen 13 Phish shows and just for fun this night actually had not an Encore! Band didn’t leave the stage, and actually it was over and everyone knew it the night was over. For some maybe, but not me. After t he nitrous mafia shot my windshield, ripped the 4ner from my Toyota leaving only Run and pulling on my skyroof to try to take all my shit. Just so everyone know so Ohio is not the Heartland. Wisconsin is boyz and girlz. But, The Blossom is a magical venue and region in OH. Cayahoga State Park. Cool cops though and shakedown was stony. Peace????. Long Man River; love long????
, attached to 2022-08-02

Review by TahoeDawg


My wife and I had to cancel our Spring Tour trip to Deer Creek because of our 8yr old son ended up on an all-star baseball team that had a tournament that weekend. So we decided to convert the two first class airline tickets into four regular tickets to make the pilgrimage back to Ohio for Summer vacation and to visit my 95yr old father. My wife and I grew up on the North Coast and my father and brothers still live in the greater Cleveland area. (Long story longer) We saw the opportunity to see Phish at Blossom as a blessing in disguise because we felt comfortable taking our kids to their first show at the iconic venue, home of my first live musical performance back in 1974 when my Uncle Sig (my mothers brother) and Aunt Alma took me to see the Cleveland Orchestra. I lay down all this ground work because of what happened last night was truly spiritually fulfilling.

I was by my mothers side with my father and sister Karen the night she passed 7/22/2017.

When Phish made their way to the front of the stage Tuesday night and got into acopolla formation the wave of warmth and comfort that came over me was something I never felt before. I thought to myself this is unbelievable! I often listen to the 7/22/2017 Bakers Dozen show more so for the memory of my Mother than the bands rendition of The Beatles classic Strawberry Fields Forever over the past 5 yrs I have revisited that show and have actually grown to appreciate these four individuals more and more. The time and dedication they put into their craft is beyond admirable, anyone so passionate about anything as much as they are is truly blessed (or cursed I suppose). Nonetheless from the first note at the start of only the 2nd rendition ever performed was magic from my seat on this ride.

Believe it or not it gets even better for us. Midway through the ever tasty Crowd Control my wife gets a tap on her shoulder from the Phans behind us and then reaches across our two kids to grab my attention pointing to the back of the concourse. Adam and Lindsey are screaming, smiling and laughing Tricia! Doug! No way, oh my what the F’! Come see us at set break we are right up here, pointing to the viewing deck that separates the pavilion and the lawn on Mikes Side.

Well for those of you that were there I don’t need to describe the next 70min! For those that were Couch Touring you may have seen a lot more of Chris’ magic lights woven into the first set then we did from our angle but you missed one of those epic positive energy sets that delivered on many different levels. If you happen to still be reading this and haven’t seen or heard this first set I suggest digging in as fast as you can and be ready to dance, smile, and laugh! It is great!

So back to Adam and Lindsey. We met in Arizona in the fall of 2010 when Tricia and I saw Adam walking a dog, pushing a stroller wearing a Cleveland Browns jersey on a Sunday morning. I remember slowing down and rolling down the window and saying something to the effect of “Hey pal! What do you know about the Browns?” Adam grinned and said “ a lot more than I want too!” After or introductions we asked hey pal “what are you pushing in that stroller?”Adam proceed to show us the smiling sweet face of two month old baby girl and we laughed and said “we have one of those in the back seat”, “when was she born?” I asked. “August 14th”said Adam. “No way Alice was born August 3rd, I need to meet your wife.” said Tricia. (Long story longer) Over the next 2 years the six of us got to know each other and Tricia and Lindsey became really tight Mom Friends. So much so that when they decided to move back to Ohio it was a big whole in our lives that has never been filled. The girls have no recollection of their first friend but Alice and Vivian have a bond that someday will play out.

A fast 30min of smiles and emotions played out quick as Lindsey and Tricia played catch up and Adam told me about his brewery! I enjoyed a can of his “Painted in Vermillion” Red Ale and it was off to the 2nd set.

The good vibes continued as Phish ripped off an excellent 2nd set the ended with an amazing Split Open and Melt

We couldn’t have expected a better encore than a family favorite Bathtub Gin It was my kids first show along with the spirt of my mother Janet! To have lived it in person with these guys is a blessing! I hope you all get to have a show like that someday!
, attached to 2022-08-02

Review by eggsalad

eggsalad 1st set was just absolute fire, high energy volcanic eruption madness. The crowd (myself included) was dialed in and feeling it. I was at BD strawberry night and got to my seat just a little after start, missing half of Strawberry Fields so I was happy to be fully present for all of this one. Great call (and thank you). Crowd Control is such a good opener/early song to get us dialed in, and this one fit perfectly in the 2 slot post a cappela. A thumping PYITE really had the crowd humming, with some of the most enthusiastic “Hey’s” I’ve heard. An average-great 46 Days that segued beautifully into a YEM that I thought was played to perfection (from what I recall) with a post vocal jam 2nd jam! Whaaa?! cool! Tube really accomplished a lot in
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