Axilla featured the Axilla II ending and was followed by banter from all four band members continuing the pan story from the previous night’s show and ending with a mention of pan flute extraordinaire Zamfir. Richard Glasgow (a.k.a. Dickie Scotland) then came onstage appearing as Zamfir, holding both a pan flute and a pan. The third set opened with the Phish debut of Send in the Clowns, sung a cappella and with lyrics changed to Send in the Clones. For First Tube through Tweezer Reprise, each band member performed on separate moving platforms hoisted above the stage as dancers dressed as their clones performed onstage and provided additional vocals throughout the set and encore. Trey's platform became stuck for the majority of the set and he had to be rescued after Tweezer Reprise. Given that the band (Trey) could not leave the stage after You Enjoy Myself, there was no encore break and Tweezer Reprise was announced as the start of the encore. Rescue Squad was performed Trey solo (singing and playing Fish's drum set) while he was waiting to return to the stage.
Debut Years (Average: 1998)
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This show was part of the "2019 NYE Run"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2019-12-31

Review by ChasingDsky

ChasingDsky Rescue squad is my new favorite P-Phish song.

Overall a great NYE show. First set was a bit jukebox. They take Haley’s deep for the first time in a long time, but Trey Rip-cords it to caspian... although the prince shows well in the end. Haley’s, Fluff, and surprisingly rise/come together are worth a re-listen.

Second set is deep and heady. Punch-through-Twist are a solid run of songs. Mercury - my 3.0 favorite - is cut short here, but not at the expense of the set.

The NYE clone gag is good. IMO it falls behind meatstick and Petrichor in the 3.0 era, but was great to see on couch tour. Props to first tune ringing in 2020! The songs that follow struggle a bit, but understandably since try was stuck in the air. Watching him squat to hear his monitor explains the miscues, and also shows just how much he cares to put on a quality show.

As I said up top, all miscues in the last set are forgiven by the rescue squad and the glimpse into what our guy is really about - a good ol’ time.

Happy 2020 to all.
, attached to 2019-12-31

Review by JMart

JMart I’d like to be the first to add, on behalf of everyone in attendance, it took a solid five minutes of seeing Trey dangling in space for us to realize something was off. I’m not sure how it came across on the screen, but in person the colors were amazing.
Oh yeah, the music was also pretty good! Haley’s went on juuust long enough to make you wish they had taken it further. Other than that, first set suffered from any real attempt at cohesion. On a NYE run show in the recent past, the reviewer described the pace of AC/DC as “weir-esque,” which to this day stands as my favorite sentence written about Phish music. So whoever that was, take your bows. The underlying point remains the same: they played slow as shit out of the gate.
Huge jams out of wolfmans and twist in the second set are great. One wonders why they would choose to play mercury in the slot leading up to the gag given its obvious prominence last year, and this version isn’t much to remember.
The real fireworks started with First Tube to ring in the new year and it sounded AMAZING. The whole band was popping with energy and the sound was crystal clear at the back of the floor. As above, it may have been towards the end of Sand when it became increasingly obvious that our fearless leader was actually, well, stuck in mid-air in the middle of his own beautifully choreographed piece of art music theater. It does bear mentioning that, at least in my mind right after the show, a lot is going to be made of the rig mishap and it would be a shame if that were to overshadow what was an astounding display of color and sound, all delivered on the grandest stage in rock ‘n roll. I was fortunate enough to be in section 112 last nye and remember thinking there was no way they were ever going to be able to top that. WRONG. Just as they always have, Phïsh managed to obliterate expectations. There we go with that word again.
If WTU weren’t in the original set list, it sure as hell fit the occasion perfectly (some are saying a little too perfectly). A short but muscular YEM ends a truly bizarre and beautiful set of phish music.
One wonders exactly what must have been going through Trey’s mind as he lay dangling above 20,000 spun-ass wookster minions. Probably something about fate’s cruel hand. If ever there were an alter fine enough to be dashed upon, this is surely what it must look, and smell, like.
This decade starts the same way the last one stopped: Phish (stuck) up on top. Happy New Years everybody.
, attached to 2019-12-31

Review by TreysGstring

TreysGstring Rescue squad. Enough said. Phish is safe in the new decade, for now.

Overall, I thought it was a good show. Caught the live stream mid-way through the second set at Light. Twist was absolutely phenomenal. From there, they played a solid version of soul planet (albeit one of my least favorite songs). I thought the gag was entertaining and not too distracting. Trey getting stuck was both incredibly nerve wracking and incredibly awesome. Glad they eventually got him back to earth. Happy New Year
, attached to 2019-12-31

Review by berkeleybrian

berkeleybrian Best NYE production in years. Pure magic...a true feast for the eyes, ears, and heart.

I guess I need more words for a proper review, but what's to say....awesome Halley's. Wolfmans>Light>Twist gonna get a few repeat listens too. Nice to see Sand get some midnight lovin. And that vocal jam......Shit! That was fun.
, attached to 2019-12-31

Review by Offshoredrilling

Offshoredrilling Man o man. The fact that at this point in their career this band continues to push the envelope, all for our enjoyment, speaks volumes to their commitment and loyalty. While musically speaking it was going to be impossible to recreate 12-30, NYE was just super fun. And fucking dangerous! It’s 2020 and Phish is at the top of their game. 20 years ago I was walking out of the big cypress set wondering what on earth they could do to top the millennial set. It seemed like that was the defining point of their career. In those 20 years since it is crazy to think about what this band has seen and done. Good and bad. Right and wrong. No clue how much longer this party will continue, but at this point, the greatest rock band of all time is well known. At least by those lucky enough to be in the know. Cheers to you all. Thank you Phïsh.
, attached to 2019-12-31

Review by Ataraxilla

Ataraxilla @jmart said "One wonders exactly what must have been going through Trey’s mind as he lay dangling above 20,000 spun-ass wookster minions. Probably something about fate’s cruel hand. If ever there were an alter fine enough to be dashed upon, this is surely what it must look, and smell, like."

This is a heavy, time-stopping comment/image/notion to contemplate.
, attached to 2019-12-31

Review by Juliusismypetcat

Juliusismypetcat I hesitated at first to provide a review because I think I'm still processing what I saw a day and a half later.

TLDR version: Solid show overall, and where would you rather be on NYE?

Set 1
Martian Monster gets the party rockin with some filth right off the bat. From section 322, the party was full-throttle; a short but sweet opener to get us up and moving. With the opening to Buried Alive, we all knew it was gonna be a great night. AC/DC was standard--but that's still great! Halley's has a special place in my heart, and was welcome in any capacity. However, this longer-than-usual in 3.0 version was excellent. I hesitate to use the "R" word, but it certainly felt like it would have blasted off if given a few more minute to breathe. Alas, Caspian is an excellent set 1 sing along and The Garden is bubbling with smiles. The train keeps rolling for Sparkle. Just a good ole fashioned throw-down. Axilla was fun to experience in this environment and the anthem-rock nature of the refrain was just plain perfect when looking out on the crow of phans screaming "AXILLA!" in unison. Here we pause for some stage banter, which admittedly, we couldn't really understand from up in our area. However, the weirdness was welcome as the entry-point for my first ever Maze. This one has got quite a few bags of goodies to pass out. Don't skip it! I needed a breather after raging the Maze, and I could barely believe the opening notes of Fluff! While not perfectly executed, it was still a welcome /unexpected treat to hear this behemoth. Rise/Come Together sends us packing on the first set with some smiles and high fives.

Set 2
For many of us, we like to think we know what the Phish from Vermont have up their sleeve. If you haven't figured out that abandoning your expectations is the only way to really get the most of your Phishing, then I don't know what else I can say for you. Conversely, when the lights went down for the second set, I said, "I feel a PYITE" to my seat partner. Holy cow was that surreal to just "know" it was coming like that!!! (And now I will go my entire life without being able to call it ever again I'm sure.) Wolfman's gets dark and dank with the whole room swaying. This entire set flowed beautifully. Light is magnificent and for this listener's ears, there was a "flavor" of some ABB influences--not necessarily prominent to be called a "tease". The Twist is where it's at if you can only listen to one thing from this show. I could feel my brain liquefy and puddle on the floor around me. This is why we Phish. While I could sense some folks in my section not feeling the Soul Planet, I was most certainly fired up. This one goes for a quick dip into funk-town. While perhaps not jam-chart worthy, I felt it very unique. Mercury continues to be a steady workhorse and never disappoints. My third and final of 2019!!! Finally, a much needed Type 1 Possum brings out the rowdy in us all. Up from the 300's, I felt like I was at a football game with the crowd gearing up for 3rd down of the opposing team. A little extra mustard on our road kill in this one.

Set 3
I won't give a detailed account of set 3 because much will already be written and spoken of with the whole Trey being stuck debacle. All I'll say is that I thought the gag was a home run (aside from the technical issues) and the band handled the whole situation with great professionalism. It's a mark of how truly awesome this fanbase is that most people were more concerned about Trey's well-being than for the show to go on (but I mean come on.....we all wanted him to just finish it up right?). The song choices for set 3 were the perfect "jukebox Phish" and I use that term here in a positive manner. Loved the call to play Sand 20 years after Big Cypress. Amazing crowd energy during the quiet parts of WTU? and a clone-produced extra vocals in YEM were all I could ever want.

Considering that I have seen two shows in the last yearish with a Tweezer but no Tweeprise, it felt fitting that my 2019 come to an end this way. Rescue Squad the cherry on top of a great time, and happy for Trey to get down safely.
, attached to 2019-12-31

Review by mgolia6

mgolia6 S177375 continues to leave these long meandering treatises that clearly seems like they are just begging for the old thumbs down.

I have read everyone that I have come across to its completion and would just like to say that these might be a little more well received with a little bit of punctuation. The rambling quality lends to its judgmental nature. Quite possibly if there was more of a focus on grammar and punctuation and sentence structure some of the tangential thoughts could come full circle and add some context to the narrator’s POV.

I think we all agree that this is a safe place for everyone to be able to wax intellectual on Phish. Aside from racist remarks, bigotry, etc...which it doesn’t seem are present in any of these submissions (it mostly seems righteous indignation and religious) everyone should have the opportunity to submit. I love hearing different perspectives, I do just prefer when there are judgments made that the structure be taken into account so as to be able to take it more seriously. If that is the intention of the author.

If you are just out to get a ride (which is probably the motive) then just keep on keeping on.
, attached to 2019-12-31

Review by User_34095_

User_34095_ Took MDMA for the first time in my life at this show.

What a trip. I had a few Sec 119 chicken sandwiches, so the stuff didn't kick in until set break. We tried to link up with an extended crew, but couldn't find them so went back to our seats.

I now get Phish on another level. And hell it doesn't get any better when I get a Punch opener while high. At the end of the second set I blurted out "THAT'S IT?" in disbelief at how short the set was.

And then the gag kicks in and boy was I on another level. Capping it off with a YEM too, holy crap what a night. The MDMA wore off half way through YEM. Still though, I had a great night.

I don't know though. 12/30 vs 12/31 high will be a battle I'll have internally trying to figure out what's better.

Set 1 picks: Sparkle, Fluffhead, Maze

Set 2: That whole set from start to finish.

Set 3 picks: Sand, You Enjoy Myself. ( I think Trey getting stuck, WTU, and Drift really made the energy go wonky. I know I felt different while getting hit with it)
, attached to 2019-12-31

Review by s1177375

s1177375 I only come to you with bully antagonism to get the best creativity out of my favorite band. Of course you had to play YEM and Tweezer Reprise. . .. and of course you love and hate your fans. . .this one maybe especially has a place of hatred in that Ghost of the Forest lyrics song part of Treys heart. .. you told me you hate critics in Bittersweet Motel . .. "sometimes it is like with critics it is like what's the deal . . .maybe i cant know that i play shit but i love it . . .and the phans seem to eat it up" which gives me the pride self gratification that i need to do drugs and justify doing those drugs and now it may just be caffeine and THC and no longer heroin coke molly magic mushrooms LSD or maybe the lines blur because to a non christian perspective i mean .... define SOBER. . .Trey is not sober he is just not on hard drugs but soft drugs alter brain chemistry because we are unsatisfied with God's chemistry I drink coffee and take ambien so i hate God too on a certain level . . .but then again Jesus whom I SERVE not a band made alcohol as his first miracle which is a mind fuck for me . . .he made alcohol which kills more drunk drivers and those they hit on the road tonight more than any other drug and more on this date than any other date. I actually made it into 20- 20 sober which is so ironic because i am struggling with weekend binge drinking so i am basically a functioning alcoholic. I think weed makes people silly happy creative yes but slow lazy and dumber and i want to be smart sharp and a good worker bee (Yarmouth Road shout out) I love the song on Kasvot about "Its off to work we go" SITMS is so growing on me because i love saying I HO I YO I HO on the way to shitty work. . .. . and the pussy drop interrupt doesn't hurt either on the album . . .i don't care what space smells like or think about myself during 911 as a child . . .so i think that song is over rated but some of the album has grown on me Ghosts of the Forests is the better work the far superior of the 2. . . Trey is actually honest on it and tells how he hates life and himself and is drowning in alcohol or hatred or bitterness or whatever sin he is into after Heroin Only JESUS can make sense of the longing in his heart. Not a song called More that is half of it the ? without the answer. He doesn't want the answer. He wants his sin. Read the bible. People hate Jesus the light because they are afraid of their evil deeds their darkness to be exposed by God who we assume hates us but actually just wants to be a daddy and scold yes but then embrace read Prodigal Son. I am that son. I hated God my whole life but never could deny his existence. Evolution is the biggest lie the devil ever used. . .well 2nd to his own pride which made him fall . . .he wants us to believe Darwin that we are all monkeys from 6 billion old earth. . we are all connected but not how Darwin says we are. . .he had a crisis of faith and fucked the whole human race over with the origin of species (the false lie creation story) the real one is crazier still but true at least. All i care about is truth. Trey lives a double life of some truth and half lies as he says in More That song is good but only the yearning the wanting to understand the universe u so don't as a evolutionist. I was never a monkey i was made on a whole separate day by a God who not only Loves but IS LOVE. Fuck Lifeboy Bug Friends and songs like it. . .they are lies from Satan but in a band i still consider my favorite of all time . . .with 2 Jews in it and God loves y'all above all other humans on earth. So get with it Gordon and Fishman u are special but not because you descend from apes MORONS!! you are smarter than that and you know it . .. your donuts theory of the multiverse is hilarious and somewhat in jest but at least in reality in science and in principles derived from truth. Darwin was just an asshole like me like Mohammad like L Ron Hubbard liars who buy their own snake oil. Jesus was uniquely true in that he became man as God and died to pay for what i write on blogs here and all your affairs of adultery all my lies all your stealing all my not honoring my parents as "gods" lowercase as God commands us to. We all deserve hell most will go there as trey says we are on the Highway to Hell but it need not be that way. You can listen to the best rock stars and still go to heaven. Just believe God became man not just at Christmas but all year and all your years and that Santa is the lie and wanting EXCESSIVE presents for US ME and MYSELF is the lie not Jesus in the manger that is the only real part of Christmas they even got the date wrong he was born on June 21 not December 25th but pagans fucked it up with gifts st nick and this worship of pine trees which is Satan doing his best work. .. just like Easter is about what to you? Jesus resurrecting from death??? of course not that would just be silly . .. it is about the god of fertility and bunnies and sex and pastel colors and all that sinful great stuff . . .what a crock of shit this world has made of true HOLIDAY. At least Hanukkah gets it sorta close to right

This run is amazing one of their best NYE runs to date and from 1995 to 2020 that is saying something. Think about the 1997 the 2000 best ever and the 2010 2012 2013 2017 and now another exceptional run. This band sometimes like in 2017 and 1998 feels like they can do no wrong. The Magnaball was 2nd only to Cypress and only by a hair and with 5 hours less music is saying something huge. They can achieve greatness and they did these last 4 nights. I am so proud of my favorite band but they will still all go to hell if they live life with Me Myself and I on the throne of their life. Only 1 person made them and it wasnt science that made the big bang and matter is eternal and we all made ourselves that is horse shit. We were made to worship a King and his name is not Trey Anastasio or even Jimi Hendrix Eric Clapton John Lennon Barak Obama these are all fallen sinful men who must answer before the man that was never meant to be a man but had to humble himself to save us . .. the only man that matters. . the GOD man Jesus Christ the savior of the universe if only we could get our satanic pride out of the way and bow our stubborn knees to him .
Love the band but Jeff H was the correct one and all of u 4 are liars just saying
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