Wilson included Simpsons and Random Note signals and the beginning of My Friend featured Trey on acoustic guitar. Trey teased Antelope before Chalk Dust Torture. Mike's Song was dedicated to Cilla Foster and included an extra verse. During Lengthwise, Fish refused to tell The Prison Joke and sang a verse about burning your finger from holding a lighter up too long. Buried Alive, Possum, and Fire featured John Popper on harmonica; Fire also featured Noel Redding on bass, with Mike moving over to keyboards. Fire's lyrics were changed to "move over, Rover, and let Popper take over."

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This show was part of the "1993 Winter/Spring Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1993-02-06

Review by SectorQ

SectorQ Very bizarre. Today is 20 years to the day from 2/6/93. I cut and pasted the link to this setlist to my friends and told a quick story about this exceptionally crazy day that included a pixilated 6 hour psilocybin fueled journey through the NYC Museum of Natural History that afternoon. I included a story that I've told 100 times since about the kid who set his hair on fire on the floor right in front of me. In my compromised state, I was not sure I was comprehending things correctly as his head was in flames. My friends pointed out the post above by BoldRuler. Completely insane. I spent the whole show on the floor with that kid and the girl he was with. It was his first show, and we were blown away by the coincidence of the encore. I can't f-ing believe the coincidence. And the kid's statement of "...a few strands of hair on fire..." is the understatement of the century. There were flames 2 feet high off of his head! I can still see it now.
, attached to 1993-02-06

Review by BoldRuler

BoldRuler My first show. Somehow managed to light a few strands of my hair on fire while lighting a bowl. Fitting for a Fire encore with Noel Redding. Rift had just come out and I was psyched to see anything they had to play. Loved the opening of Golgi and the painted backdrops.
, attached to 1993-02-06

Review by hieronymous

hieronymous Two distinct memories from this show (I wasn't aware of the kid whose hair got set on fire) - during Buried Alive they brought out what looked like a rolling tray on wheels covered with a sheet - they are playing the song and I remember thinking "What is going to happen?" I thought maybe it was an erupting volcano like kids would make for science class and I was imagining getting splattered with volcanic goo. But instead, for the solo Trey whipped it off and it was John Popper in a wheelchair! I think this was after he had had a motorcycle accident (though I seem to remember him also being in a wheelchair for the H.O.R.D.E. tour the year before too). Then, on either Buried Alive or Possum, right when his harmonica solo was peaking - HE STOOD UP!!! The crowd went nuts! So awesome. I had forgotten the false starts for Fire, but I do remember being pretty psyched to see Noel Redding play - I had never seen him live before but was a huge Hendrix/Redding fan (though now I'm more of a Billy Cox guy) - the performance wasn't very good as someone else mentioned, Noel Redding seemed to get lost, but still a legendary event.
, attached to 1993-02-06

Review by Penn42

Penn42 **This is my fourth of (hopefully) 71 reviews as I listen to the entire winter/spring '93 tour.**

Night two at the Roseland takes a few songs to get off the ground, but by My Friend, My Friend's end the landing gear has retracted and they're off. The Divided Sky is good and the Wedge's third performance in four shows is much stronger than the previous two. Antelope is by-the-books.

Set two doesn't have that much going for it. The song selection is ok, but didn't do much for me. Tonight isn't a YEM night so we get a lackluster Mike's Groove instead. There other Mike's Groove so far on the tour was better. However, Mike's Groove is followed by the second performance of Lifeboy, and we all know how much I, and hopefully everybody else, loves this song. It's a beautiful composition. The set and, to some extent, the show are saved by the guest sit-ins in Buried Alive, Possum, and Fire. John Popper is just a kick-butt harmonica player. There's no two ways around it. He's great on all three songs, but he's especially awesome on Possum. Popper solos in place of Trey and absolutely tears it up. If you like this, you should also check out Weekapaug and Funky Bitch from 11.15.96 for more sweet Popper harmonica action. The Noel Redding sit-in on Fire is pretty cool. How cool is it they cover Jimi with Jimi's bass player? In staying true to their ever so dorky status quo, he's brought on stage through a little skit where they have to restart the song several times because Mike keeps (purposefully) messing up. Finally, Trey tells Mike off, states they need a new bass player, and invites Noel Redding on-stage.

Not a whole lot to seek out here. The only portion that really begs listening are the guest sit-ins.
, attached to 1993-02-06

Review by Bocaphreak

Bocaphreak This was my 1st show and now at 78. Snowy day in NYC & we were significantly mind altered.
A little late arrival and the place was packed. Back of the floor for Bouncin and Antelope.
After the Antelope closer I was IN and never looked back(changed my life).
Went to Tower records the next day and bought Lawn Boy & Rift.
27 years Later & still Loving everything these 4 dudes from VT. do together musically.
, attached to 1993-02-06

Review by Qstick7

Qstick7 This was my second show. Wearing white jeans, slid in the slush and muddy snow before going in, was wet and super high. I remember the boys jumping up and down on these trampolines thinking'these guys are so cool!' I also remember John popper sitting in and had a generally good feeling (other than being wet and dirty after my boyfriend sped down the parkway to get there from Danbury). I had a great time from what I can remember!
, attached to 1993-02-06

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill Second night at the Roseland brings more good times and guest stars! The fourth show of the tour picks up where last night left off with a good mix and good recording.

First Golgi of the year to open up is pretty well played. Foam was really loose tonight. Wilson was good with a nice middle jam. My Friend brings out the acoustic again and was just ok with a loose ending. Maze is great as usual. First Horn of the year sounds good as does Divided Sky. Maybe just a few spots off here and there. Lawn Boy is a nice little jazz relief. Wedge is a great song, but I still can't get over the differences the early versions had. Bouncing is standard. Antelope was good, although the big cut off sounded off, as Trey literally was cut off. Not a bad first set.

Rocking Chalk Dust to open the second set leads us into the first Mound of the year. Nicely done tonight, right into a good Stash. Then to slow it down with a mid-set Adeline? Also the first one of this year. Tight ATR tonight. Mike's gets the special treatment with claims of "This is my song", and so on from Mike and Trey. Nice dynamic jam, so nice Trey pulled himself out of tune for Hydrogen, which was not too bad considering it was the first one of this year. Weekapaug was good and also dynamic. Ah, another new Lifeboy still sounds a little too rocking for this eventual soft favorite. Pen was nice and tight until the very end. Then the balls come out before a brief Fishman teaching of Lengthwise. Funny as usual. No HYHU outro tonight as they go right into a rough Buried Alive, also the first one of this year. Trey is very soft in the mix at this point as Popper wails away. Possum continues the Popper mini set still with a rough mix.

The false starts on Fire are laughable while shunning Mike, but putting another guest on bass doesn't really make this one any better. This version is awful because the band totally looses the real progression of the song for quite a while, leaving everyone to just solo over nothing. The end of this one is welcomed.

Good show even though the guests didn't really make it better for me, I'm bumping it up to four stars for the novelty factor and all in all good solid playing from the actual band.
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