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, attached to 2023-02-23

Review by MrPalmers1000DollarQ

MrPalmers1000DollarQ I don't think I'd go as far as to say this show would clear 4.2 stars in the 90s, but this was definitely a strong first show for the band's 40th year. Tunes were well-rehearsed, a few really nice jams, song selection was popular, and for the love of god you could hear Mike! That said, I think the fellas are just setting their toes in the sand with this one, as they typically do with these Mexico welcome sets. Excited to see what else we get this weekend.

Hood opener always bodes well. Fishman crushes throughout, and Mike works some beautiful descending reharmonizations in the early jam. Moma intro jam is especially funky; the band sounds really tight and warmed up (especially Fish, again). I was a bit disappointed with the ripcord to MFMF since the BOTT jam sounded like it really could've gone somewhere. Nevertheless, the couple minutes of quiet serene jamming they hit at the end is a moment of beauty to be enjoyed. Sand is the first big highlight of the night, catching stride in a pleasant, breezy jam with some YPC teasing from Trey (not even sure if it's a tease anymore because he seems to work this chord progression into many jams these days). Probably not on purpose, but at 10:00, Trey starts a lick that sounds a lot like the one that makes up much of the wonderful DwD from the first Mexico run (1/17/16). Sample and Ya Mar are great happy beach tunes, as is Roggae, which gets an especially pretty and serene jam. Fishman ditches the swing for a straight-on groove for a nice unique moment in there. Page and Trey really crush on Cars Trucks Buses. Blaze On is the big jam of the night, beginning with a cool descending (but not MLB) pattern and featuring some cool Page synth work. The back half is a majestic celebratory jam. Sounds an awful lot like they're heading into Piper, but instead Trey brings out Twist (still a nice segue). Twist gets a star from me: sleazy quiet intro and a very pretty, laidback jam. Fishman works some excellent ride work in there, and Mike dials in a tone that sounds an awful like the Gorge 2011 Rock and Roll jam (again, thank god they mixed Mike in). The jam builds up a bit to a dark space and Trey thinks for a bit to head back to Twist before extending his solo a bit longer. Page retains the minor feel. Excellent short jam. Bouncing is noteworthy for being (up until this point) the most frequently played Phish song yet to make a Mexico appearance, and the Free jam isn't exactly standard. We get some new effects from Trey with a pitch-shift/delay combo; Mike sounds great and Trey's solo is wonderfully dramatic. 46 Days encore gets a fantastic peak to the jam.

Highlights: Sand, Cars Trucks Buses, Blaze On, Twist
, attached to 2023-02-23

Review by DownWithSteam

DownWithSteam Nice welcome, warm up set for Phish in Mexico. With a long Spring and Summer ahead, I doubt one will remember this show much by the years end, but regardless, it was solid Phish. I would definitely check out the Sand, it was a fantastic version and fantastic jam that will deserve some revisiting at some point.
, attached to 2023-02-23

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: Harry Hood: Really quite good.

The Moma Dance: Nice little rager. Broadway Trey vocals are laughable.

Back on the Train: Mellow jam tacked on the end, nice ->

My Friend, My Friend: Decent segue out of Back on the Train, nothing too crazy.

Sand: Goes major jam in the late 6’s with some interesting yet brief effects from Page. Most of this jam unfortunately is just Trey lazily strumming. Directionless. >

Sample in a Jar: Standard.

Ya Mar: Standard.

Roggae: what is with the maniacal laughter at the beginning – who was that? Trey sounds exceptional in this jam. Highly, highly recommend.

Cars Trucks Buses, Blaze On: really good jam especially the front half with all the crazy effects, latter half is an upbeat, bliss jam >

Twist: Short lil’ rager. >

Bouncing Around the Room: Standard.

Free: Cool Trey effects in the mid 4’s. Fairly standard version but sounds quite good to my ears. But it gets Broadway Trey’d as well, so there’s that to consider.

ENCORE: 46 Days: Standard fare.

Replay Value/Summary: Would definitely recommend giving Hood and Roggae a listen, enjoyed both a good bit. The rest is just standard fare.

Score: 3.25 out of 5.
, attached to 2023-02-23

Review by macdaddy4642

macdaddy4642 convinced at this point its one hater who had 20 phish.net users names giving the band 1 star immediately once the show has ended.

replace the year for this setlist from 2023 to 199X and its clearing 4.2 stars.

just got finished with the hood opener excited for the rest of this journey.

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