Trey teased The Lion Sleeps Tonight in the first Tweezer.
The Lion Sleeps Tonight tease in Tweezer
Debut Years (Average: 1997)
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This show was part of the "2023 Summer Tour"

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, attached to 2023-07-15

Review by Phishiscool

Phishiscool I'd love to start with the fact that you shouldn't be able to 'score' a show unless you scan your ticket. Not that I don't think phans can couch tour and be objective. No, not that. Too many see a set list, and pass judgements on that alone. Yuck

That being said, if this show didn't move the needle for you, either on your couch, or bouncing off of me in the pit, you should re-evaluate why you go to this website.

Like most non robots who were at Friday's show, I figured to myself "this was a monster second set....". And maybe it was. Yea actually it was. But not like tonight.

Set one, strong obscure opening Jim. Tone immediately set. Foam, reassured said tone. The band is tight. Sysf, Fluffhead, Everything's right, Esther, and Golgi all did what they were intended to do. Great set.

Rift as a second set song, let alone as the gosh darn opener, seemed puzzling. Tight as a drum, they cruised through the opener and in to what was an absolute bloodbath of a Tweezer. I can only speak to what I observed, but those around me on the cactus side of life agreed that what we witnessed was masterful. Violent, funky, soulful, violent again, all bleeding into an always welcomed golden age.

A rather mellow (compared to the shit storm we just witnessed) golden age lifted the entire crowd into a space of pure bliss. The boys were really cooking. Page got the nod, and I always wanted it this way delivered. Space funk, pew pew pews, and another draw dropping ride.

The boys seamlessly 'stumbled' back into Tweezer, reminding those still on their feet that this was still no safe space. The space battle ended, and the rat a tat tat from the lord of percussion signaled we were soon to be good about hood.

Hood was A+
Check it out

An encore ensued, providing us a much needed breather in life beyond a dream. This song continues to grow on me. It's not my first choice for this slot, but that's way above my pay grade.

Reprise came and passed. We all prepared our fairwells, nodded to our fellow troops that tonight was quite the night. The boys were tight, yet loose. What a show.

Oh, yea almost forgot. While we all hugged it out, bummed cigs, and searched the ground for our waters and tubes, we were viciously assaulted by big black furry creatures from Mars. Fine.

The production value of these shows rival anything on earth. But man, when they play a smoker of a show like tonight, it's hard to imagine why I haven't sold everything I own to see every show on tour.

We really stole one tonight
, attached to 2023-07-15

Review by ChasingDsky

ChasingDsky It’s Always Sun(da)y in Alpharetta.

It’s clear by now that certain venues just resonate (pun intended) with the band and Alpharetta is one. Trey said as much last night by thanking the architect t behind it.

The venue itself is a fairly standard shed, with a couple of distinctions: it has a very high roof, half of the pavilion is pit, the lawn (and seating bowl) are very steep, and there are a lot of tall trees surrounding it, including several in the middle of the lawn. Oh, and it has fantastic sound and sight lines. As a local, it’s a very fine place to catch our favorite band.

Tonight they built on last night’s hot show and hit a home run so hard they will find the ball when man finally lands on mars.

The first set is an art of perfect song selection, 4 of which are off Junta. Foam, Fluff, Esther, we’re all played flawlessly to my ears on the lawn. JIM, SYSF and Golgi brought so much energy the place was rollicking from first note to final cord of the set.

The guys don’t let up - at all - in the second set. Rift is very well executed. The Tweezer->Golden age are so highly textured with many different movements that simply don’t let up. IAWITW kept the dance party going and a very well played Hood should not be missed.

The surprise BBFCFM in the encore sealed the deal. In my mind this is a near perfect show that I anticipate swill be talked about and played in heavy rotation for years.

How lucky to have been there!
, attached to 2023-07-15

Review by SplitOpenAndMalt

SplitOpenAndMalt There must be something in the Georgia air. This weekend is my first time down here in Alpharetta after swearing to myself I wouldn’t miss the venue succeeding the 2021 run heat and boy did they not disappoint. After a fire N1 I thought that they’d take a night off and boy was I wrong. Tonight was my 30th show and the Phish from Vermont showed up.

Set I had GREAT song selection and the jamminess of the first quarter was already setting the tone for a high improv night. While I’m not traditionally a big SYSF fan, this iteration had the fellas just locked in together which set the tone for the rest of the set and night. Fluff is one of my all time favorites and FINALLY I got my first Golgi. Set II had some absolute heat though. Phish wanted to challenge their 2021 Tweezer in the same air and they delivered— stylistically different but a fantastic, multidimensional jam with ambiance and high energy rock segments as well. Since Halloween ‘21 as well, I Always Wanted It This Way has just flat out delivered— they really stretched its legs tonight prior to returning to Tweezer. And an exceptional Hood to close the night? Forget about it.

Nice little BBFCFM to surprisingly succeed Tweeprize. Let’s see if they can keep this energy up tomorrow Phans!

Score: Not sure but I know I’m boutta down some spaghettios
, attached to 2023-07-15

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: Runaway Jim: Very slow tempo out of the gate. You can definitely hear Mike well during the composed section and when the jam starts – that is good to hear. They jam this out nicely, nothing too crazy but always nice to get an old school tune with some length to start a show these days!

Foam: Wow, old school combination right here! Nice job Phish.

Set Your Soul Free: Bleep, bloop, bleep. That’s what the beginning of this jam sounds like to me. This lasts for a couple of minutes and then straightens out. Page lays down some very heavy effects – like what you would expect out of What’s the Use. With two minutes remaining he abandons that for the baby grand. At this point Trey truly takes off and gives this sucker a proper ripping. Outstanding jam - would happily recommend. The re-entry is quite sloppy. >

Fluffhead: Nice! Feeling it! Nice end shred Trey! >

Everything's Right: Right around 7:50 from Trey “I love you” – What was that all about? Fantastic jam. Trey out in front the whole way, confident and rocking hard. Great stuff! The re-entry here was a little rough too. >

Esther: Not as technically proficient as 4.22.23 – still nice to hear and a solid effort all around. >

Golgi Apparatus: Standard.

SET 2: Rift: Standard. >

Tweezer: Trey is super heavy with effects out of the gate, Mike sounds good. By the 7 minute mark, Trey is off the effects and sounding nice and clean. Mike is sounding good still too, just wish he was louder in the mix. From 7 minutes through 13 minutes or so, this section is sublime. Really pretty Trey runs, ethereal – beautiful stuff. I thought the Lion Sleeps Tonight tease was very cool. Nice and subtle. Around that 13 minute mark, Trey uses some sort of delay effect heavily. That lasts for a minute or so. Upon completion Fishman and Trey are driving the band to an intense direction. Sneakin’ Sally stuff around 15:35 and beyond. Page is funking hard in here, absolutely awesome. Around the 18 minute mark Trey employs heavy effects but just 2 minutes later there is a jubilant release, the hose is in full effect here! By the 22 minute mark we are hearing huge, clean peaks from Trey, amazing. By 23:00 this is settling a bit and getting funky once again. By 25:00, now we are into a very hard rocking section, with lots of Trey echo effects, I have heard this a lot before these past few years, kind of annoying to me but this only lasts for 90 seconds. Now we have more hard charging, balls to the wall rock. 28:28 another big peak! Jimi Hendrix is on stage playing guitar at 28:40, WOW! Incredible Tweezer, an absolute all timer in any era. Would highly, highly recommend this beast!!! Good segue into… ->

Golden Age: Standard and short, nice, pretty jam. >

I Always Wanted It This Way: Good jam with huge peaks in the last minute and a half and then back into… >

Tweezer: Minute and a half bookend >

Harry Hood: Standard.

ENCORE: A Life Beyond The Dream: Standard. >

Tweezer Reprise: Standard. >

Big Black Furry Creature from Mars: Nice! Nod to 20th anniversary a day late to 7.15.03?

Summary: Very strong show with a great second set, an all time jam in set two with some good depth surrounding it. Phish loves Alpharetta and they delivered the goods tonight. Would rate this as a 4 out of 5.

Replay Value: Set Your Soul Free, Everything’s Right, Tweezer
, attached to 2023-07-15

Review by ArkPhan

ArkPhan I’ll be the first to admit that I love every Phish show that I see. The peaks are higher, and the missed notes aren’t as noticeable. I’m definitely a “I’m happy to be here” type of guy. But last night was different. This tour isn’t them coasting through their 40th year. They are celebrating and they’re bringing us along with them!

Each show so far of this tour has brought something special with the set list, but this show…..brought extra gas. Here’s to more fireworks for the Sunday show!
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