This show took place on the What Stage. Reba did not have whistling. Trey teased What's the Use? in Fuego.
What's the Use? tease in Fuego
Debut Years (Average: 1998)

This show was part of the "2019 Summer Tour"

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, attached to 2019-06-16

Review by JMart

JMart A couple of coherent thoughts for the record:

When Phish started Set Your Soul Free, it was immediately evident to my ears that there was something different from both St. Louis shows and the first Bonnaroo late night set: they sounded like they wanted to be there. SYSF and Blaze On both featured short, snappy solo breaks by Trey. Sand was the clear highlight of the show to me, and the first time all tour they really found their footing as a jam unit. Aggressive playing by everyone and some really good moment of pure funk grind. It was a surprise to see Free and Twist repeated so early in the tour, but both were played with much more gusto this time around, particularly Free. Twist filled out nicely, moving through several distinct progressions before making a pretty nifty solo into weekapaug, which stuck around long enough to make its own nifty segue into No Men's. Fans of these songs (myself included) are probably going to be disappointed because it seemed as though they just touched on them instead of exploring them completely. Morph back into week and back into Twist which forms a nice palindrome and the real meat of the show. This is what you need to listen if you want the gist of the show.

All in all, I would have loved to be in attendance, especially for the sand and parts of the second set. Fluffhead is strange choice for a festival set and there were no real deep dives (again, probably owing to the fact that they knew this wasn't "their" crowd) but Phish as a unit sounded much more well rehearsed and engaged with the music than the previous three shows. Onward!
, attached to 2019-06-16

Review by dublindeuce

dublindeuce On the night of a full moon, Phish delivers perhaps their best ever performance at a festival that isn't their own!

Set Your Soul Free gets the place moving, and Blaze On delights once again! Blaze On impresses with a fiery and unique peak.

The band nails the Reba composed section, but the jam gets cut a bit too short for my liking. Trey peaks it quite quickly and opted for Free. I was a little blue balled by this, to be honest, but the quality of the Reba was there, so I can't be too upset.

Free, even a standard version like this, hands my ass to me every day. Sand is a great call, and this exploration reminds me of any hot Sand from the fall 2018 tour.

Wolfman's Brother wins jam of the first set, with a nice vocal jam and some spacey funk!

A standard Mike's set II opener breaks way to a surprise Fluffhead! Like the Reba from set 1, Fluffhead is executed well, but unlike the Reba, this version's jam leaves me highly satisfied!

Twist has been perhaps MVP of the past two years, and this is another scorcher! I prefer the sleepy groove of Twist from St. Louis, but this one is high energy.

The Weekapaug > NMINML > Weekapaug > Twist run was nice, but I feel they only briefly touched on each. It was a thrilling segue, but not the most improvisational I've ever heard.

Phish delivers a solid 4th quarter, with Fuego, a blissful albeit short Ghost, and a soaring Bathtub Gin. I'm loving the set 2 treatment Gin has been getting recently! Gin is like pizza, always good, but this Gin is 8.5/10 Chicago deep dish good!

I gotta say that Wilson > First Tube is a much better choice for an encore than Farmhouse > First Tube (St Louis N2)

This show is the gem of the tour so far, and wraps up a memorable Bonnaroo for Phish!

My only gripe with this show is that Trey relied heavily on songs that he had already played so far this tour. We are four shows into the summer so far, and there has already been 8 repeats! That's a big difference compared with the last two summer tours.

Next stop is Canada! I'm hoping for a jammed out Golden Age
, attached to 2019-06-16

Review by Wills_Son

Wills_Son Closed out Bonnaroo with a setlist full of goodies. Flubs in Reba’s composed section gave way to a good jam and the band never looked back. An excellent Free leads to Sand which gives us the best jam of the first set, if not the whole show, followed by a tasty Wolfman’s. Second set features no song breaks, opening with a tight Mike’s then Fluffhead (with a well executed composed section!), but the goods are delivered in the Twist -> Weekapaug -> NMINML -> Weekapaug -> Twist. The segues were great. While that stretch wasn’t as jammed out as one might expect, the rest of the set filled that hole. Fuego gets up there, and Ghost finds its way to a blissful jam that departs from its cow funk tendencies. Gin closes the set out proper. Wilson > First Tube encore was a fun way to end a very good show.
, attached to 2019-06-16

Review by whitty802

whitty802 Few days late on this, but thought it would be a good time to break the seal on my first review. I was in attendance for the full festival. Me and three of my great phriends made the trek from Greater Boston to enjoy an eclectic collection of artists that we had been drooling over for months. What's so unique about festivals (both Phish specific and others like Roo) is the freedom to roam as you please. I think it has a direct effect on the music that is laid out for us to indulge in; but also allows the listener to enter a much more relaxed space.

From start to finish, Trey and Co. made a POINT of removing any doubt in the mind of viewers (both present and streaming worldwide) the reason they headlined this legendary festival and were bestowed the coveted two set finale slot. The music was tight, experimental at times, but as clean as you could ask for. No we didn't get any 25 minute monster jams that get talked about for decades; but rather a perfectly intertwined assortment of old and new favorites that will keep any phan happy that they shared in the groove. Like most shows, to truly understand the delicacy and energy that was on display for this show, attendance is almost mandatory. The entire show is worth a listen, and I plan to for weeks and years to come. For the phan that wants a quick scoop of must listens, I'd put the true highlights as:

First Set: Blaze On, Reba, Sand (must listen)
Second Set: Twist (highlight of the show, but the sandwich as a whole is just as tasty); Ghost>Gin
, attached to 2019-06-16

Review by aybesea

aybesea It's really hard to believe that this was a festival set, because this thing absolutely rocks! While the first set has a super strong Sand > Wolfman's, it is the second set that represents the significant meat of this affair. Seriously, just look at the set list... Mike's Groove with Fluff in the middle (and it's a really good Fluff), interposing a Weekapaug sandwich inside of a Twist sandwich... so fucking cool! It's a great Twist as well. And then they add a respectable Gin onto the plate for good measure.
The SAT score for this show is a lofty 1188.62 with the big players being Fluff (147.69) and Twist (107.64). This is easily the best show of the tour so far!
, attached to 2019-06-16

Review by s1177375

s1177375 Thank you so much for these free live videos. I pay 120 bucks a year plus concerts for the streams so any free breaks are so kind and much enjoyed. This was the 1st great overall show of the tour. These set lists Until tonight have been pretty strange. A loving cup strange placement and strange mellow jam a few days ago. The mr completely used to be a rarity but maybe that’s changing. They seem a bit nervous but perhaps that happens every tour at the beginning ironing out the kinks and blowing off rust and dust. Trey is happy that is clear and that goes a long ways. My favorite so far is the new song opening night St. Louis and the twist the next night and this twist was cool too w a recap reprise that was fun. Drift while your sleeping is an interesting song it has my immediate attention. Lyrics are exactly in the vein of set your soul free and come together rise up but it builds very well. I wanna hear that one again in the tour It reminds me of mercury or guyute a 10 minute solid orchestral piece not quite guyute stature but great. Some may find it boring like spices pebbles and marbles or time turns elastic but it is far more engaging than those 3 to me. Very pretty indeed. I am so syched for my first show since Pittsburgh 2017. Hope they can top the Caspian and mr completely ! Blossom always delivers. I can’t wait to split open and melt or coil 1st set ender calling it now. Toronto shows are usually sleepers but I hope to be wrong. This is my dream show. A show of all animal songs. Cuz they have more than enough or a GO show devoted to the dream of places the “where’s”we all wanna visit. Set 1. Don’t you wanna go >Let’s Go >TMWSIY>Swept Away>Lizards>When the Circus Comes to Town>Roggae>TMWSIY>Waves Sea and Sand >Sand The Squirming Coil Set 2. NMinNML Esther Petrichor Farmhouse Dirt On Your Way Down Sleep Bliss Wingsuit Devotion to a Dream (somewhere over the rainbow tease)Home You Ain’t Goin Nowhere YEM>On the Road Again
Encore: Harry Hood Traveling I Been Around.

Vocal jam in the melody of the willie Nelson tune drifting melodically into it Accapella at first. No Alvenu malkenu debut Page where’s the chairman of the board’s been?
That is my wet dream show like all only animals or the David Bowie in the moon in 3000
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