During the pause in Guelah Papyrus, a fan jumped on stage and hugged Mike. Security removed her and Trey commented "that was Mike's mother coming up so he could wish her a Happy Mother's Day." Mike responded with "Happy Mother's Day, Mom." Guelah subsequently included All Fall Down and Simpsons signals. Mimi Fishman joined Fish for a vacuum duet during I Didn’t Know and also sang a lyric. Antelope included a Random Note signal. Suzy included a Sailor's Hornpipe tease from Trey, Tweezer contained DEG teases, and Harpua contained two Simpsons signals and included a brief Smells Like Teen Spirit tease. Fish dedicated Cracklin' Rosie to Mimi. Possum was teased prior to Golgi.

Jam Chart Versions
Dave's Energy Guide tease in Tweezer, Smells Like Teen Spirit tease in Harpua, Possum tease, Sailor's Hornpipe tease in Suzy Greenberg
Debut Years (Average: 1988)

This show was part of the "1992 Spring Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1992-05-09

Review by broomecountyforumite

broomecountyforumite When my buddies and I arrived at this giant open space, the stage was just sitting there, alone, with Phish's gear so....we walked straight up to it. The stage was small, everything was so close together up there, so I rooted myself right next to Mike's monitor speaker, hands literally on the stage, and my buddy was right at Trey's monitor. (This same life-long friend told me recently that he recalls being so very close that every time Trey went to stomp a pedal, Trey's foot went all (phish)-eye lens and extended out to my pal's face. haha!)
We were 'smoking' right there, right in front, the whole, whole show, unashamedly, no prob, exhaling with pride (we were 17...I cant even fathom this today!)
The young girl who climbed on stage to hug Mike during the pause in Guelah used me as a ladder, without permission or warning. It was so, so, un-Rock-Star though, everyone just stood there all calmly as she calmly walked up to Mike, calmly hugged him, and security calmly walked her off stage. That's when Trey says "That was Mike's mother, coming up to wish him a happy Mother's Day" and Mike responds "Happy Mother's Day Mom!" :)
The 1st set was really really fun, with Mimi coming up to play vacuum and tell some stories about young Jon (or try!) (PS, this is mentioned in an old Phish Newsletter I still have from Fall 92, and there is a pic of her and Jon onstage this night).
The 2nd set is when things got goin. And I mean...goin. Trey's guitar went out of tune during Divided, and he used a pause in the song to quickly tune up.
I swear, to my dying day: the solo in this Divided Sky was a personal exchange between Trey and my buddy standing next to me. Trey stared him in the eyes, in the eyes, the whole solo and my buddy stared right back. I was observing this. Trey was divining energy from my buddy's energy and vice-versa. Yep, that was what it was all about.
Tela was just beautiful.
Harpua topped off the magic, and personal vibe. It was a big party; and four of the partiers happened to be playing instruments.
Something weird happened for the encore though:
Mike walks out with a bag of black plastic ties, the kind that lock and you'd tie a bundle of cords with, takes one out and wraps it around his bass neck, and for some reason played Poor Heart with this black tie under his left hand almost like a slide. I never saw anything like it, before or since.
I don't recall if he kept the weird plastic tie on his bass neck for Tweezer Reprise but........
At the end of Tweezer Reprise, Mike grabs the bag of remaining ties off his amp, runs right up to ME and pours them on my head!!! Of course we all scrambled to grab a tie to bring home, I ended up with two, my buddy had one. Mine are both lost now, but my buddy still has his.
What a time, what a time....5 stars indeed.
, attached to 1992-05-09

Review by Bob_Loblaw

Bob_Loblaw Very strong '92 show.

The Jim/Foam combo as usual does wonders to start the show. Strong Fee with a very great segue into Maze. Coil has a notably gorgeous outro. Anyone who loves good banter will love Fishmans Mom embarrassing him during the I Didn't Know Vacuum solo. Antelope is as strong as any from this Era to close set 1.

Divided Sky is very well played and Tweezer is extremely bass heavy and has some really nice experimental jamming. Harpua isn't very noteworthy, very average. The rest of the set is pretty straight forward but still very well played.

Overall although I didn't write a ton of highlights for this show I love the flow of it, the sound on the SBD is great and everything is played very well.
, attached to 1992-05-09

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill Being close to home brings new energy back to the band for a Mother's Day weekend show. Weird sounding bootleg because of the venue's shape and building materials. Very boomy.

This show starts off very good with a solid Jim and Foam. Sparkle is ok. Melt is pretty solid as well. Guelah is where the night starts to get loose and funny. Trey comments about Mike's mom coming up and seeing him after the Asse Festival section, which takes them into the All Fall Down and Simpson's. Rift is a little rough getting into Page's solo. Fee is ok, leading into a very loose Maze intro. Trey is a little too anxious. Coil is good. Keeping with the Mother's Day theme, IDK features Mimi Fishman, who comes up and starts in on stories of Jon's youth, gets a vac solo, and gets to asks, "Is this a picture of Otis Redding?" Antelope has a sloppy intro, but rocks out the end of the set.

Nice Suzy to start the second set. Trey has tuning problems during Suzy and throughout the begining of Divided Sky. Sounds like he fixed it in the middle hold part. Tela is loose and mellow. Tweezer gets out there tonight, maybe the first one of this kind. Hard to judge a Harpua, they are all good. Great story tonight. Llama rocks as usual. Cold as Ice leads us into one of mom's favorites. Fish blows the lyrics to Rosie. Strangely, for a second time, HYHU ends the Henrietta segment. Golgi is a little sloppy, but a good closer.

The Poor Heart encore also has blown lyrics before the cactus breakdown. Tweeprise is expected, nothing special.

Ok show tonight, fun for sure, but not a lot of wow factor for me. Very loose. I give them a pass because of the Mother's Day antics.
, attached to 1992-05-09

Review by Rumpofsteelskin

Rumpofsteelskin Fun show, but the sound in this place was so bad!!!! This is an airplane hangar and it sounds as boomy and echoey as one would expect. I remember there being curtains lining all the walls. The building was concrete with a metal roof.

A friend was allowed to tape the second set off the board this night. Unfortunately the signal was crap and the board is low level and has much hiss on it ;) Bummer..this show is fun to listen to! Great FOAM!!!!
, attached to 1992-05-09

Review by TwiceBitten

TwiceBitten Divided Sky, Tela > Tweezer > Harpua

Thank you sir, may I have another?
, attached to 1992-05-09

Review by kipmat

kipmat https://forum.phish.net/forum/permalink/1377885319

"Family" has a double-meaning on DBMBs, but Phish has never forgotten the standard definition of the word. All four members of the band had an upper-middle-class upbringing. They relied on their parents during the fledgling years of the band, and gave credit accordingly in the liner notes to Lawn Boy: "This album is dedicated to our families in thanks for their constant love and support". This went directly against the cliche of the rock and roll outsider who was from the wrong side of the tracks. Even when the band members began to display some of the cliche rock and roll behaviors, they continued to try to balance that lifestyle with home and family, rather than abandoning them all together. And at the Hampton '09 reunion shows, they made a point to enforce the "Family only backstage" rule.

Of course Father's Day has been celebrated during Phish 3.0, but Phish 1.0 treated Mother's Day with a notable degree of irreverence. From 1989-1991 the band played the venerable Burlington bar The Front on Mother's Day, with the show on 5/12/91 being one of the silliest Phish shows ever. Playing at the Syracuse Armory on Mother's Day 1992 is hardly a coincidence, as Jon Fishman had grown up in DeWitt, a suburb of Syracuse. To honor this occasion, Jon's mother Mimi is introduced during I Didn't Know to perform the Ceremonial Mother's Day vacuum cleaner solo, along with an amusing story from Jon's childhood. And if you didn't read the show notes, you might think that Mike's own mother really did come on stage to get a hug from her son during the break in Guelah Papyrus!

Fans rave about April '92 because of the prevalence of circulating SBDs from that month, but the AUD of this first set is just fine, and the playing proves that the band got better as the tour went on. Big Red commands the spotlight as usual, expertly navigating his solos over the difficult chord changes in Foam and Rift. The "Dave's Energy Guide" teasing in Tweezer is so serious I thought they were actually going to play the song, and Trey rebounds from an out of tune opening in Divided Sky to blow the ceiling off of the Syracuse Armory during the jam. And of course, this band of Family Men can't resist poking fun at the current anthem of Teen Angst during a typically hilarious Harpua.

Blood is thicker than water/doses/Heady Topper.
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