Sofi Dillof joined the band for the Meatstick Dance. We’re Not Gonna Take It made its Phish debut with Tom Marshall singing and performing various stage antics. Tweezer included a Mountains in the Mist tease.
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Mountains in the Mist tease in Tweezer
Debut Years (Average: 1991)

This show was part of the "1999 Fall Tour"

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, attached to 1999-10-08

Review by n00b100

n00b100 Set 1 is really short (not even an hour long!), kicking off with a shredded-out Piper and an AC/DC Bag that opts for some Mike-driven funkiness but doesn't break out of Type I before giving way to Suzy Greenberg. The rest of the set is fine, but ends with one of those late-90s Antelopes that I do love so much, spacey and relaxed before building to the usual nasty Antelope climax.

Set 2 starts with Halley's Comet, which was a pretty good sign from 1997 to 2000, and indeed this bad boy kicks into a buzzing, hazy jam, a wicked Trey loop dancing around the music. Page is indeed doing some damn fine work, but it's kinda hard to tell without headphones, but Trey is absolutely wailing away, as much in Rock God mode as he is in the Prague Ghost. The jam finally strips away into something slicker and more relaxed, and with more loops flying about the band closes things out and it's Tweezer time. Tweezer in the late 90s was taken at a slower tempo, but it's almost self-parody how slow this version is, so thick you'd have to cut it with a meat cleaver. Trey hammers out some heavy metal chords about halfway through to spice things up, but otherwise this is a very Fall '99 jam, laid-back and Page-driven and content to dive into a pool of effects and weird noise. Whether or not you have the stomach for that kind of music is entirely up to you; I still love it (though there's certainly a bit less shade to it than you might expect), and so I can enjoy these sorts of narcoticized jams.

Bug and Fee come next, then a lovely Hood that floats along on a cloud before exploding in a trill-laden climax, before a true surprise in a one-off cover of We're Not Gonna Take It. Tom Marshall does the lead vocal, and does a fine job of it, but it's hearing the band pound out the famous "listening to you" finale that's the real treat here. You'd think that'd be the closer for the set, but CDT does the job instead (I don't really like that call, actually - why bother trying to follow that finale?), and a glorious Coil > Reprise combo ends things.

This is pretty much Fall '99 in a nutshell - surprising setlist calls, tons of spaciness, and the sound of a band perfectly comfortable with the ambiance they'd developed over the last two years. This shouldn't be your first stop when sampling this tour, but it should definitely be *a* stop.
, attached to 1999-10-08

Review by TomAce

TomAce This really was a 5/5 show. Reason: The whole show was amazing. I was general admission on the floor, jumped over with my friend and we both got in. We were about 20 feet dead center when The Who's "Where not going to take it," started. This was the most amazing cover I have ever seen them do within the 100+ shows I've been to because when the following lyrics came around, Tom put his arm around Trey, who could not top smiling from ear to ear, and sang the most literally amazing lines possible.

It was absolutely magical to see these two friends and collaborators rocking out these particular song lyrics. Again, Tom sang with his arm around Trey, and Trey ROCKED IT!!! The magic is in the lyrics which go:

Right behind you,
I see the millions.
On you,
I see the glory.
From you,
I get opinions.
From you,
I get the story.

Listening to you,
I get the music.
Gazing at you,
I get the heat.
Following you,
I climb the mountains.
I get excitement at your feet.

Right behind you,
I see the millions.
On you,
I see the glory.
From you,
I get opinions.
From you,
I get the story.

Again, this had to be a monumental moment in the lives of these friends. Just knowing their relationship, I knew I was watching something incredible. One of my many many magical times which kept me coming back to more and more shows. Love it. Thanks for taking time to read this memory of mine.

, attached to 1999-10-08

Review by Looking_For_Owls

Looking_For_Owls It's a travesty that this show isn't rated higher. There isn't a week song in the setlist and it contains not only the single greatest Tom Marshall performance of all time, but maybe the greatest cover tune of all time. Most Tom Marshall performances are kind of a goofy joke i.e. 500 miles, etc. but this rendition of The Who's "We're Not Gonna Take It" is truly spectacular. It's sung with real intensity, and one can hear for the first time that Tom can really sing. Add in the Halley's>Tweezer to start the second set, and the solid song selection throughout (not a downer in the bunch in my opinion, even Bug is the better original version before the unfortunate lyric change) and this show doesn't get the recognition it deserves.
, attached to 1999-10-08

Review by pikepredator

pikepredator This is one of those shows that fades into the mists of many other shows I attended, a typically average phish show. nothing really stands out in the first set, hearing piper to open was cool at the time but didn't really go places. Piper Bag Suzy is a high energy way to open the first set but there's no real flow or progression to it. Suzy, Bag, Piper>JAM would've been way better. meat>Meatstick is anything but "meat" and the antelope closer came way too soon.

the highlight is the halley's>Tweezer. this halley's (featured during the 05/05/13 MJM) is an absolute RAGER. Just a massive wall of sound, getting completely away from the halley's structure into a fall 99 powerjam. high-powered but not necessarily memorable for anything other than the crazy energy. The tweezer that follows is similar - a notch above average but nothing to write home about. It has a rockin' build and then a mellow space outro. Bug>Fee is about as meaty as meat>meatstick. When hood came around it made the set feel as short as the first set. Some goofball antics and then typical closing show-closing action sent us to albany with high hopes.

some good moment in this show, but overall pretty uneven and left me wanting more.
, attached to 1999-10-08

Review by Trey4Prez

Trey4Prez An absolute MONSTER of a Piper opener. I was in the building, and the energy was through the roof. One of the best show openers I've ever heard them drop!
, attached to 1999-10-08

Review by gladtobeglenn

gladtobeglenn my 1st show! went with a good buddy who was already a phan. he tried to stoke me about the band, but, being a die-hard deadhead since 3/15/73 (nassau also), i was not in the right frame of mind to "get it'. to make matters worse, i was "unburdened" of my pipe and kind on the search going in. so, unsurprisingly, i was not impressed by the incomprehensible hijinks that occured that night. i particularyl didn't appreciate the silly "dancing" that occured during meatstick. today, i wish i could relive that night, if only for the appearance of tom, and the only version of my other fave bands anthem, won't get fooled. if only we could time-travel! i love the band now, of course, and will travel for a show with pleasure!!
p.s. now revel in the meatstick!
, attached to 1999-10-08

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: Piper, AC/DC Bag: Tons of fire coming out of the gate. Ragers.

Suzy Greenberg: Cool breakdown in the middle led by Page.

Meat, Meatstick: Meh. Meatstick gets quite spacy.

Run Like an Antelope: A bit too mellow for my taste.

First set summary: Had a ton of momentum out of the gate but Meat and Meatstick kill it. Antelope couldn’t rescue it. Super short set at 58 minutes.

SET 2: Halley's Comet: Fantastic, really has that ’99 sound going for it. Lots of loops! Eventually settles and spaces out >

Tweezer: Slooooow intro. Nice! This jam is about as spacey and ambient as you will ever find. And very, very long.

Bug: Standard.

Fee: Nicely jammed, repetitive but cool.

Harry Hood: When the jam is early and quiet you can hear what I assume was a glow stick drill Fish’s kit (I assume), it is so loud. This Hood is fantastic! Maybe not the biggest peak as it kind of slides in there. But for 99 this is an awesome version.

We're Not Gonna Take It > Chalk Dust Torture: Pretty cool cover w/ Tom. I would agree with another reviewer – why play CDT after that? Just drop the mic and head backstage and prepare for the encore.

ENCORE: The Squirming Coil, Tweezer Reprise: Standard.

Second set summary: Halley’s, Tweezer and Hood are all worthy of relistens. This is a really good set. The first set detracts from the overall show. I would rate this show as a solid 3.7 out of 5.
, attached to 1999-10-08

Review by Bob_Loblaw

Bob_Loblaw This show is really good at times. But for the most part pretty average.

Wow what a short first set! Piper picks up the show fast. Bag has a nice funk jam with a strong peak at the end. Meatstick is kind of rough although I am not sure what was going on that was making the audience cheer, a visual might increase appreciation. A normal but still strong Antelope to cap the set.

Hailey's kicks off the second set with a jam that is strong and lifts off into major Trey shreddery, then simmers with looping into Tweezer. The Tweezer jam starts with a lot of Mike and is fairly reminiscent of a Fall '97 (Hailey's>Tweezer 11/22/97?), and then melts into a sea of beautiful ambient bliss. Fee has a cool little harmonic jam towards the end. Hood starts with some hiccups but the end stretch of it is quite pretty. I'm not a huge fan of Tom Marshall sit ins and the same applies here, although the See Me/Feel Me section is pretty cool. CDT is standard.

A good Coil to end the night and Tweeprize is always welcome.
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