Everything is Hollow was performed for the first time since December 8, 2019 (135 Shows). Trey teased Third Stone From the Sun during Vultures. Drowned was played for the first time since August 14, 2021 (114 Shows). Trey teased Cissy Strut in A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing. Tweezer was performed as a "continuation" of October 13th's version (played between the original Tweezer on that night and the Tweezer Reprise that would follow later in this show) and had no lyrics. Trey teased Get Back in Simple. Spanish Moon was played for the first time since February 21, 2019 (171 shows).
Jam Chart Versions
Third Stone From the Sun tease in Vultures, Get Back tease in Simple, Cissy Strut tease in A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing
Debut Years (Average: 2003)

This show was part of the "2023 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2023-10-15

Review by youenjoymyghost

youenjoymyghost A set list that I think throws back to Halloween’s past, it is spooky season after all. First set highlights: Timber has a strong outing in its bubbling rhythmic style. Plasma reaches some unique territory, also very drum riff heavy, almost Latin style jam chart worthy. Stash gets a little out there as well. Second set gave me two more newly seen classics, continuing the weekends trend of repeating numbers, drowned and Spanish moon!! The later of those two extremely well played, smooth and funky. A song I heard the ocean sing really gets it done, lots of transitions and a tweezer jam makes this the winner of the evening. A wave of hope also has fantastic improv. A brief dip in energy for evolve and then a rowdy loving cup with trey at full power. That trend continues as trey rips thru the entirety of the encore. Great lope. Great night strong 4ish. Peace Chicago !
, attached to 2023-10-15

Review by lofus99

lofus99 I sure picked the right night to take some shrooms!! Just WHAT??? That 2nd set gave me multiple psychedelic brain orgasms. The boys know (like Hendrix) just exactly what your feeling during a heady trip like I was on and they definitely can add in those extra special musical things that make your head explode....when they want to. It doesn't happen every night, but it SURE happened tonight!! Jesus Maria. Of course it was an epic set straight or whatever you like to consume, BUT for sure something extra tonight for the trippers. Trust me on that! All who dosed tonight are nodding their heads vigorously...
It's too late and I am mentally exhausted, so not going to talk about details. Will go thru the 3 Chicago shows in a few days, so those who missed it can surf the highlights. BUT just want to say thanks Phish!!!
It is hard to believe that after those 2 monster shows at the Nutter, that you played 3 more superb, really strong shows in a row!! Those 5 shows rival any of the greatest runs of all time. Island Tour levels! It's hard to believe that a band can be that good!! But you KILLED it!! and on top of it tonight was just a masterclass in psychedelic jedi mind Warping. You guys are locked in and I love your playing right now! I kept texting my buddies who missed it and said multiple times "I can't believe they are THIS GOOD!!!" Damn!! Enjoy your break! These 8 show mini-tours are the way to go I would say
, attached to 2023-10-15

Review by Hippogator

Hippogator Phenomenal show top to bottom. Basically as good as it gets. And you know what? I 'm not going to get into details either. I'm just going to profess my love for the greatest band on Earth. Not sure why anyone would downvote @Lofus99 for doing the same.

There really needs to be a "Phish fans who hate Phish" support group so everyone can get together and feel good about being as critical as possible above just having fun.
, attached to 2023-10-15

Review by mnphish

mnphish long time since i've done a review - had such a blast at this show and wanted to share a few quick thoughts.

really enjoyed the song selection all night long. first set possessed a unique vibe highlighted by the combo of Monsters, Plasma. Ck5 popped off during Stash! Overall a very well crafted set that may not be for everyone, but Monsters and Mercury are the type of songs I go into shows hoping to hear. The first set was executed very well with a nice mix of fresh new tunes and classics taboot.

Really great energy radiating from section 217 and the whole building really. Honestly been chasing that sort of vibe for a long time. Tough to beat indoor Fall phish in Chicago. Venue was absolutely electric during Spanish Moon. Certainly didn't expect to see Evolve in the tail end of set 2 but it worked out. Tik tok guy Cam was next to me all night and really enjoyed the reactions from my section...Tweezer?! PLAY IT AGAIN! ha. It was a great celebration! Santos was a welcomed surprise in the encore slot.

Some of the most fun i've had in the long time! Well done phish and friends!
, attached to 2023-10-15

Review by Thephats

Thephats I had never been to The United Center before and what an incredible introduction to this stellar venue for live Phish. Shackdown was chill. Everyone kind and excited for the Sunday show to close out Fall 2023.
Now, onto the show itself …. I drove straight from Cincinnati; after buying a solo ticket at noon earlier in the day. My section was 116,15,10 and it was the most impressive sight watching CK5 work his magic with the whole rig above my head and shining on the 20,000 fans. That rig is some straight professional work, and I can’t imagine what goes into setting all that gear up there. Beyond astonishing! Everyone was jacked up and I began to wonder what this show would deliver for the final night of the tour. After going to both Dayton shows and a 3 night Summer tour run in Pittsburgh and Syracuse; I thought I was prepared. That’s the thing about indoor Phish. IT has a mind of its own, and I swear the ghost’s of past iron workers who set the steel and create such atmosphere for these intense nights to even exist are playing in the high girts and roof trusses. Phish at Nutter Center was really awesome, but I’ve never seen anything like Sunday at United Center. The guys took the stage, and now I’m right where I need to be right now. I loved the entire visual experience and the band’s play was fucking sweet, trippy and way different than I had ever heard them jam. Honestly, didn’t know if I was going to be able figure out wtf was happening. The band knew though and seemed like everyone in attendance knew but me. It got weird my friend, my friend. The drive up through Indy was layered with beautiful Fall colors, and I was hoping for Leaves which happened I know that much. Was finally gifted with Timber which I think is a driving jam that makes you wonder how all things lined up to make this a jam. I’ll tell you… It’s Phish!! Vultures was so creepy and raw. I can’t really explain it any other way. It was a spooky 1st set. Drown and ASIHTOS were very well played. 2nd set just as intense. That Spanish Moon was very good and unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Loving Cup rocked out and Trey and Page really sang great. Encore, finally I came around and got super down dancing to Run Like an Antelope. Say it to me Santos was good and Tweezer Reprise was hot and concluded a remarkable Fall Tour. Super happy to be home, but boy I can’t wait to get back to Chicago. Thanks for reading. Peace
, attached to 2023-10-15

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1:

Everything is Hollow: That’s one way to start a show I guess? Yuck, terrible song. It was performed for the first time since December 8, 2019 (135 Shows). >

Timber (Jerry the Mule) – Got pretty shreddy there for a moment or two, well done.

Ocelot: Standard.

Vultures: Third Stone stuff works well here. Woo’s at the end, ugh.

Monsters: Just the second time played (debut at Star Lake). My opinion hasn’t changed, it’s a decent tune with potential.

Plasma: Standard.

Mercury: Standard.

Stash: Solid Stash right here!

Leaves: Standard. Wish they would jam it out again like they did at Jones Beach last summer.

David Bowie: LOL at the intro, terrible. Standard version other than that first 30 seconds of roughness. A 9 minute Bowie. Time for the shelf, boys.

SET 2:

Drowned: Big bust out – remember when they used to play this like every 5th show in early 3.0? It was played for the first time since August 14, 2021 (114 Shows). Mike’s attempt at the high note “As far as I can see at 2:41, LOL!!! Too bad they didn’t jam it out like they used to. >

A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing: Sounds like Weekapaug intro very briefly at 5:15 or so. Really too bad that they felt like they had to revisit Tweezer because this Ocean jam was just getting going… ->

Tweezer: Don’t understand the thinking behind this. ->

Simple: Standard.

Pebbles and Marbles: Standard.

Spanish Moon: It was played for the first time since February 21, 2019 (171 shows). Great tune!

A Wave of Hope: Gets pretty gnarly in the mid 8’s with effects and some reverse reverb. Very cool. Wish they would have kept exploring this instead of what came next. >

Evolve: Dreck.

Loving Cup: Smoked. Trey didn’t want to stop when they typically would have gone back to the ending lyrics.


Run Like an Antelope: Standard. >

Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S. – Standard. >

Tweezer Reprise: Standard.

Summary: Wow, this just fell very flat. This show and the first of the ‘tour’ were the two I like the least. Would rate it as I did 10.6.23 – 3/5.

Replay Value: None.
, attached to 2023-10-15

Review by Switters

Switters When I saw them at Great Woods in 2010, they opened with Lit O Bit and it took the wind out of sails right from the get-go, and I feel Everything is Hollow did the same. The first set just never got going. It sounded like it wanted to do something during Plasma but then it sputtered and died.

Drowned >ASIHTOS-> Tweezer->Simple, Pebbles, Spanish Moon was a very enjoyable stretch of tunes. The band was rocking, the crowd was rocking, I was rocking, and the boat was rocking but then a rogue wave of hope struck the boat, and it sank. If 2.5 is an average show, I would call this a 2.25. I know for a lot of Phish show reviewers, average starts at 3.5, so you can adjust my score accordingly.
, attached to 2023-10-15

Review by Thephats

Thephats Evolve is the next best song to Pillow Jets and Ruby Waves of the new catalog of Trey’s brilliant mind. How dare anyone downplay the best musicians alive today. Boo…. This show is a brilliant example of what we need. Mike sang Drowned’ like His life depended on it. I’m so proud of him for belting those lyrics, and not holding back. It takes great courage to come back out and rock it like he did. If you want to shelf David Bowie’ then you should seek a Hey Stranger,’ so you understand that we will always enjoy a David Bowie.’ Sure it’s an old song, but that’s a treat for many who adore a classic. The Monsters’ is dedicated to all of those struggling and trying to overcome despair from disease and suffering. Tweezer’ made the night what it was, and I’ll always love it. ‘Plasma and Mercury’ goes deep as it should. “My gang will get you.” The overall historical significance of what took place in front of us this night won’t be matched again. This show is perfection imo, played by brothers who undoubtedly love each other more than words. And there play these last two years representing that to the peoples. I for one had the experience I was seeking and beyond. Peace to the wind and rain. Light, Love and inspiration was what these men spoke of this night. We will never be the same, and now we dream. Peace is for those who find the ‘Pebbles and Marbles.’
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