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, attached to 2023-09-03

Review by RebaEveryShow

RebaEveryShow The show did not meet the moment. They did not play the show demanded at that moment. Yes, the band is playing at a peak level of entire career, Fishman is a fountain of youth, the pace is the fastest in ages, owing to Fishman, and Trey is asserting himself with creative, interesting licks and is super tight. But tonight, there was no flow, no patience, and it suffered from poor song selection. Sigma Oasis wasn’t the right call to open. More was def not the call to close the set (leaving YEM and Simple hanging out there). Set started overall pretty good, but the wheels came off after Roggae. About to Run after a slow twist was too low energy for that slot in a set that everyone wants to be high energy because of the preshow shitshow.. But again, although song selection is important, flow and patient improv can make up for poor song selection. All three, though, it sinks the set

Great run. Ranking them 3-2-1-4. night 3 was the best show since September 1, 2017. And it may have been a more complete show than that. Amazing flow, amazing songs, patient, deep, deep improv. Complete show top to bottom. Show was an all timer. Night two, great first and second set, great song selection bith sets , first set played super well but not much improv, second set was fire. with the first 40 minutes of set perhaps the best segment of music all weekend, Sand, No Mans ~> Llama.
Night one was a very solid show with incredible improv in Carini, Ruby, Waves, tweezer and light, but the flow is pretty choppy. In between those tent poles, the song selection was average good, which could still have been top tier if there was better flow and more patience (on songs between the tent poles)


Such a great weekend! 2023 Phish is having a career peak year!
, attached to 2023-09-03

Review by RebaEveryShow

RebaEveryShow @HIPPOGATOR, Why get so defensive about someone else’s review of the show? Obviously, the people critiquing last night’s show still love phish. Calling a bad show a bad show does not mean you don’t love the band and think they are the best in the history of music. Just like calling a bad Michael Jordan game what it is doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s the best ever. Obviously, no band can do it every night. And that is especially so with improvisational music. You can’t have all time shows without also accepting that you live in a world where a bad show can happen, which is what happened last night. It’s just unfortunate that the bad show happened when, in my opinion, the moment called for a heater mostly because of the preshow shit show and all the anxiety associated with that.

If even Trey is on record saying over and over throughout their entire career that “if you take risks on stage, sometimes you are going to play shit,” why get so defensive when phans are simply acknowledging when they played a bad show? I too appreciate every second I see of this band more and more, because it is absolutely fleeting, and it won’t last forever. But sometimes they are going to lay a goose egg, and that is the flipside of the coin of the shows that are transcendental and orgasmic, can’t have the upside with that potential for downside, and simply acknowledging what side of the coin lands on the table, assuming it’s done in a thoughtful and well reasoned way, is an integral and inseparable part of being this passionate about this band (or anything, for that matter). Just my $.02
, attached to 2023-09-03

Review by harpua2626

harpua2626 I think REBAEVERYSHOW summed things up pretty well.

I think it needs to be noted, in the context of this show and the entire weekend, that Trey lost his friend and bandmate James Casey (in TAB for over a decade) to cancer only a few days ago. Behind the smiles and energy is a an extremely caring and empathetic man dealing with another loss of someone close to cancer and likely channeling some of those feelings into the music (on Saturday's magical show, it looked like Trey just wanted to play all night). There's no doubt playing these shows was probably in some ways cathartic for a musician like Trey (and Fishman who also played with James in TAB a bit). Whether it was the long delay or perhaps the realization that the weekend was ending and a return to reality coming on Monday (including, what you'd assume to be some kind of memorial or funeral service this week), I don't begrudge Trey or the band for a slightly off-night. After Saturday, I was wondering if there was much energy left in the tank.

As far as the show goes, I felt like things picked up for sure from Gumbo through Twist (including some excellent jamming in Fuego and Twist). Not a show I expect to revisit much. Many of the song choices seemed to be on auto-pilot and represent, to me, a disappointing, but understandable, end to a wonderful weekend of shows. Thank you to the entire Phish organization for another great Dick's run and condolences to all those who knew and loved James Casey. RIP.
, attached to 2023-09-03

Review by Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe @hippogator some of us like to consider things in a historical context. It doesn’t mean we hate Phish or that we don’t “actually get it” and your aspersions are ludicrous. Exercising critical reflection is healthy. Actually, appropriate criticism only serves to elevate the truly great performances by highlighting their unique significance relative to others. I respect your personal approach for you, I really do, but we all Phish differently and being grateful for the band and critical of individual performances aren’t mutually exclusive.
, attached to 2023-09-03

Review by jamburglar

jamburglar Reminded me of Fenway 2019. i think rain delays> single sets cause them too many issues with trying to squeeze everything in. Weather of course not the bands’ or venue’s fault; however, it may be worthwhile for them to be more thoughtful about approaches to these kinds of shows because this was one of the very, very, VERY few times I would’ve rather kept my money than have been in attendance. Also Dick’s handling of the re-entry was horrific resulting in thousands of people remaining stuck in line for the first 30 mins of the show - this seemed to have an impact on the overall energy.

The show felt pre-planned, unnatural, and forced. The Hood was perhaps the most disappointing example of this. I thought the Everything’s Right was good and represents a version that has some relisten value. Beyond that no real gripes with the songs played but each was a fairly routine version. The show lacked those moments where you turn to your friends with bugged eyes and nod at each other.

I always love Dicks and this run was not at all ruined by N4. Dick’s N2 and N3 were fabulous and rival any of the top shows from this summer for my money. Thanks, as ever, to the band and crew for a great summer tour - I think in general this tour will be regarded fairly highly over time - Atlanta, Syracuse, SPAC, MSG, and Dick’s all featured the level of creativity, inspiration, and technical prowess that sets these guys apart. See everyone in the fall and at the next dicks
, attached to 2023-09-03

Review by youenjoymyghost

youenjoymyghost The Weather delay for no reason, and the absolute chaos of a line situation definitely dampened the energy to start. Everything here is well played but is very standard, no mustard on this Sunday sandwich. My first reggae in a long time was nice and I did really enjoy the twist. Honestly don’t have any other highlights besides the guy catching glow stick rings with a dildo page side. Still no place I’d rather be but that was mid. Overall very nice weekend, loved the first three nights a ton. Until next year.
, attached to 2023-09-03

Review by TahoeDawg

TahoeDawg Better Late Than Never

Many of my fellow Phans have had weather experiences for worse, namely those who were at Friday Night Dick’s just last year. For me, this was a first and overall I have to say I was not disappointed with the 2HR+ one set show.

I really enjoyed the line conversations, thanks Mike, Jean, Trummer and Watson, appreciate all the insights into your industry.

Great grooves and heavy base moments!

Thanks Guys, see you in October!
, attached to 2023-09-03

Review by DownWithSteam

DownWithSteam Watched from home. After a really great Summer tour I think expectations were just too high for this one. Everything was pretty solidly played but you can see some well expected fatigue. Its a miracle they are doing what they are doing. That combined with a weather delay and not really throwing anything special into the setlist tonight just kind of ended up producing this low rating.

Fact of the matter is everyone expected this to be what it never could be. Also Sigma is a great song you 1.0 crybabies get a clue. So is More.
, attached to 2023-09-03

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround Sigma Oasis: Pretty much a standard version >

Down with Disease: Run of the mill jam and the re-entry into the ending is trainwreck city. Oof city.

The Moma Dance: Ugh. So greatest hits is what this show is going to be? >

Kill Devil Falls: This is gonna be different. Um, no it won’t. Standard…

Free: Standard >

Everything's Right: Solid jam! Would not revisit but would have been great fun to get down to.

Roggae: Nice held note, Trey. >

The Wedge: Great placement – just played at SPAC in a similar placement

Gumbo: Standard. >

Also Sprach Zarathustra: Solid, enjoyed listening to this. But they kind of all sound the same unless they *really* take it for a ride. Hope this makes sense? >

Fuego: Pretty decent jam but seems to end kind of abruptly and then segues into >

Runaway Jim: Felt very, very rushed. >

Twist: The definition of cookie cutter.

About to Run: Standard.

Harry Hood: Was going ok but then they just rush through the ending, like someone had the runs and had to book of stage but that wasn’t the case as they went on to go into >

More: UGH. Wow.


First Tube: Same as the last one played and same as the next one they will play. >

Tweezer Reprise: See notes for First Tube.

Summary: Circumstances were not ideal. But why play a generic festival set? This show is almost as long as Thursday night. So why not jam it the hell out? Seems like such a swing and a miss. I would rate this as a 2.7/5. There is nothing here to grab on to.

Replay Value: None.
, attached to 2023-09-03

Review by MrFoot

MrFoot Stwike him centuwion, vewy woughly! - I was hoping to hear this sample from the Life of Brian and Page slipped it in at the end of this final fun-filled evening at Dick's. The rainbow was magnificent, the late start was a safety thing so who can argue, the long set was chock-full of solid playing. Yes please, and thank you very much.
, attached to 2023-09-03

Review by Hippogator

Hippogator Great show. Great weekend. Unfortunate for the rain delays, but I think they wanted to avoid the shit circus that was last Dicks.

I am a "every show is a gift" kind of person in this final quarter of the band's journey. I don't care about being critical because I really just love it all, we don't have a whole lot left relatively. So why on Earth would I put a single ounce of energy into making sure I let anyone know how unimpressed I am?

The band absolutely ripped with what they had last night. They are all about in their 60's and they are still absolutely delivering for a bunch of bloodthirsty Vultures who expect some sort of divine acsension out of the band. It's quite ludicrous.

I know flubs when I hear them, I don't care to let everyone know that I know that something wasn't totally absolutey perfect. I enjoy the flubs it makes way more human and personal to me.

But I am constantly reminded of just how much Phish fans really just don't like phish. The amount of "I don't like this song, I dont like that Song" (especially when it's an absolutely staple song that is wholly part of what makes the band), "Broadway Trey sucks", "This show is mid", "They didn't play anything SPECIAL", "They played too many songs". "The show was standard". "Wow no songs over 20 minutes how lame". "It was better in the 90's". "They need to shelve this tune". "Omg they closed with More?? Soo lame"

Here's a thought, why not just enjoy what you have instead of comparing your current show with every other show. Surrender to the fucking flow and read the fucking Book.

Yes, I understand part of what a lot of people think makes the experience is being hyper critical and making sure to let other phans know that you are jaded, you've seen it all, and you don't like any new songs. But I often wonder how anyone's tone might change if it was members of the band directly asking them how the show went. I think most people's wording would change a whole darn lot. Would be out of courtesy or honesty?

This has been a summer of really great playing and great song selection. I am so happy to be alive in the era of 2023 Phish and I am thankful for the band and the phans who actually get it.
, attached to 2023-09-03

Review by 90MinuteJam

90MinuteJam Amazing show, reasons being:
1. I was there.
2. The scene and people are as vibrant as ever
3. The preshow rainbow
4. Mike’s bass the entire show was spot on- sound and quality
5. Again Mike bass. Pls relisten to the show on bass heavy speakers, or headphones. It is a wonderful thing.
6. Made awesome new friends and had a blast
7. The fun had because of the rain delay gave me a change to the normal routine
The reviews have energy. @REBAEVERYSHOW, your name does say a lot; enjoyed your writeup, albeit felt like a corporate memo nicely and firmly telling an organization on how we should act or how it should have happened. Though I understand were you're coming from, its not my jam anymore, letting go of expectations is freedom. Keep in mind im in my 40s and have kids... ya know, if johnny doesn't get straight A's and play two sports, and go to The Harvards, etc etc etc. I just want johnny to have a good happy life.
Mentioned before, rotten tomatoes style rating system would be nice… rating for those in attendance (viewers), and those not in attendance (critics).
@HIPPOGATOR, appreciate your words and glad its noted in the historical aspects of show reviews. I go to shows solo now, in part, because when with large crews, 10-15 core songs are 'bad'. One person hates this song, another hates that one, More can never be an encore, blahblahblah. For this run, meet a bunch of folks, with zero expectations ... we all had a great time.
, attached to 2023-09-03

Review by radiator9987

radiator9987 After the 3 nights before expectations were high and the band did not deliver. Maybe it is the one set thing and maybe Trey just doesn't know how to write a one set setlist, but the band went thru several fits and stops without ever achieving greatness. The best part of this show started with About To Run, a true arena rock anthem, thru to the Reprise, but even then it was a kin to being constipated, you just kept waiting for something big to drop, and it didn't
, attached to 2023-09-03

Review by lofus99

lofus99 It was a pretty good 1 set show. Trey was ripping it, but everything seemed close to the vest. However, I was glad to see that I am on target when I say that only certain sets from certain shows are truly psychedelic. Even on shrooms, this show was not it at all. Friday 2nd set.....psychedelic masterpiece from start to finish. tested and confirmed. That was the magic set for tripping. Saturday may have been the best show, but Friday 2nd set is the true psychedelic masterpiece that only comes along now and again. That Melt...
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